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, mississippi in that case. mike emanuel has been on the story throughout the day. is he live on the hill late for us tonight. what can we reported, mike? what are you getting? >> bill, we have several law enforcement sources who tell us that a man by the name of kenneth curtis of tupelo, mississippi has been arrested in connection with these letters that have tested positive for ricin that have been sent to -- addressed to president obama and senator roger wicker of mississippi. sources early on in the investigation were telling us that it was somebody from mississippi, from senator wicker's home state and the fbi bulletin that we have been reporting from that we obtained early today says the two letters that were sent were signed i am k.c. and i approve this message. k.c. may translate to kenneth curtis it is unclear when charges will be filed. whether it will be later tonight or tomorrow. but, again, to recap, several federal law enforcement sources say arrest has been made. kenneth curtis from tupelo, mississippi. we are gathering facts as quickly as possible. bill? >> bill: mike, througho
. questions about homeland's security is a major topic after the boston bombing. mike emanuel has our report. >> let no one be so cruel to use that he and his activities to men last week to derail the dreams and futures of millions of hard-working people. >> the chair of the senate judiciary -- judiciary committee one week after the boston attack. >> it became more heated when a top republican chuck grassley clashed with chuck schumer. >> vice a particular the those pointing to the terrible tragedy in boston as an excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it. >> i never said that. >> could never said you did. >> marco rubio said boston should have a bearing on the debate "if there are flaws in the immigration system that were exposed by the attack in boston, any immigration reform passed by congress this year should address those laws. meanwhile a letter sent today and kentucky republican rand paul wrote comic we should not proceed until we understand the specific failures of our immigration system. an interview with fox john boner said he did not see a need to delay the reform effort. >> it m
now with mike emanuel who is live on capitol hill and there is a lot we can report now that we could not several hours ago. what do we have now. >> that's right, bill. we can tell you the man's name is kenneth curtis, he is from tupelo, mississippi. the arrest made we understand this evening unclear whether charges will be filed tonight or tomorrow and where they will be filed you better believe federal law enforcement and prosecutorial people talking about exactly how to proceed from this point. we know that these letters addressed to president obama and senator roger wicker, republican of mississippi were mailed from memphis, tennessee on april 8th. so last week there was no return address on them according to sources. they contain similar wording, including this quote to see a wrong and not expose it is to become a silent partner to its continuance. and both letters were signed i am k.c. and i approve this message. k.c. according to this arrest tonight may translate to kenneth curtis. of course, he has not been convicted of anything so far. but we are told last night by sources ve
fun. mike emanuel, you would think they could find a better place. under the budget the president submitted, they get more money now than if the budget passed. >> it's a head scratcher. republicans say the faa has been mismanaged. there's clearly irritation that 10% of the country's air-traffic controllers have been furloughed and some suggestedlet money should come from elsewhere in the faa budget. >> these are all bad choices. i acknowledge that. but in order to comply with the guidelines of the sequester law, we have to take these actions. >> i wish you would have told us earlier so we had a chance to plan. >> lawmakers told him they knew the cuts were coming but only get the details of how they'll be carried out last week. >> shepard: with everybody in the country screaming and yelling and 3-hour delays, my guess is they're going to figure something out. >> well, that's what everybody's waiting for. which side will blink first. one lawmaker representing the chicago area, a democrat, said what about the idea if you avoided the nation's largest and busiest airports, think o'hare
. they are hoping to have it ready sometime this week. mike emanuel is live in our d.c. newsroom tonight. mike, it seems, it seems like there is some questions about when this plan might be ready to move forward. timing when it will be unveiled for other lawmakers sun certain. staffers from the senate's gang of 8 creating bill out of the basic principles this bipartisan group is backing. republicans are seeking buy-in from their leagues and veteran lawmakers hoping it will come together soon. >> i'm guardingly optimistic. i can't guarantee it but we have literally almost all of the issues resolved. and so, i still think that it's very possible we could have this done at the end of the week. >> at the same time michael mechanical could introduce legislation this week that focuses solely on border security. the point is making sure that component is not lost in the overall immigration debate. shep. >> shepard: what about reaction from the white house tonight, shep? >> everybody seems to recognize this would still fall apart. the white house press secretary doesn't want to declare victory until i
saying not so fast. mike emanuel on the top story at the bottom of the hour live from washington. what's the holdup now? >> well, shep, everybody seems to believe progress has been made, substantial progress. florida senator marco rubio, one of the key lawmakers involved says, quote: i'm encouraged by reports of an agreement between business groups and unions on the issue of guest workers. however reports that the bipartisan group of eight senators have agreed on a legislative proposal are premature. another republican member of the immigration gang of 8 says the judiciary committee could get started on a bipartisan plan next week. >> everybody in america will get to read the bill. those who don't like it can try to kill it those who want to change it will have an opportunity. the one thing that i won't accept is the status quo. you are against amnesty that's what we have by doing nothing. >> for republicans, the key component is securing the border. without that, immigration reform could be doomed. shep? >> shepard: mike, what's the house saying? >> they say they are encouraged by pr
get a so-called path to citizenship. mike emanuel live in our d.c. newsroom now. mike, some republicans say they want to know more about what is in the senate bill. right? >> well, jon, that is right. there are some concern they won't find out what is in the bill until after it is passed. senate judiciary committee republicans chuck grassley, jeff sessions, mike lee and ted cruise wrote to the four republicans involved with this gang of 8 immigration effort. they expressed the concern about private meetings tohangeo immigration law. florida republican marco rubio responded, quote: this proposal will be a starting point. i expect you to have ample opportunity to review, comment, and amend as you see fit. another member of the gang of 8 says security is priority. >> there are other measures that need to -- we need to take into account to have a more secure border. but it's got to start with giving the resources we have to have both in technology and manpower and also barriers and other things to know that we can actually do what we failed to do in 1986. did is unclear what the
. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with more. explain how this will work, mike? >> reporter: republicans believe that the administration always had the authority to move money around. democrats, including the white house, disagreed. and so republicans and democrats came together here on capitol hill. and essentially agreed that there was no greater authority or responsibility for the f.a.a. than making sure that planes are flying safely in the friendly skies. they called this a leadership failure. >> congress stepping in to correct the problem. we're taking the step because of the gross mismanagement of the important function. for the safety of all americans who fly and on behalf of the commerce that depends on reliable air system. >> reporter: so penall essentiay what they have done is freed up $153 million to get all the air traffic controllers back to work full-time. hopefully end the delays. john? >> john: a lot of those who supported this wanted to do a lot more? >> reporter: no question about that. there are still many programs for the elderly and poor that do not have
on enforcing current gun laws before we add new ones. mike emanuel has this live from capitol hill. it really sounds like these families from newtown, connecticut were a big part of this. >> shep, no question. most people up here think they have been huge. they have been all over capitol hill all this week. in fact, after the successful vote, president obama from his desk in the oval office called some of the newtown families to share the news. white house aides say on such a tough issue they are grateful for the help. >> there is no more effective advocate for this legislation than a parent who has lost a child and we think that they played a really important role this week, which is why the president called them today after the vote to congratulate them not that -- this is just the beginning of the process. but that they should understand that they had a big impact and that he wanted to congratulate them on that. >> so you have got the newtown families pushing for action. you have got the nra on the other side pushing against new gun laws. pressure is building, shep. shep ship you have got
the immigration reform discussion a little bit in washington. mike emanuel shows us what happened today when partisan politics crentd back in. >> let no one be so cruel as to try to use a heinous acts of these two young men last week to derail the dreams and future of millions of hard-working people. >> the chairman of the senate judiciary committee set the tone in an immigration reform hearing one week after the boston attack. a situation became more heated when the top republican on the committee chuck grassley clashed with gang of eight democrat chuck schumer. >> i say that particularly those who were pointing to what happened, the terrible tragedy in boston as a -- i would say excuse for not doing a bill or delaying it many months or years. >> iner said that! i never said that. [gavel. >> i didn't say you did, sir. >> marco rubio said boston should have a bearing on the debate, quote. if there are flaws in our immigration system that in boston.ed by the any immigration reform passed by congress this year should address those flaws. meanwhile, in a letter sent today to senate majority lea
the two boston terror suspects came to the u.s. legally from russia. mike emanuel on capitol hill. the message from conservatives is clear here. it seems to be protect the borders first but these guys were legal. >> well that is true, shep. but on the issue of security, it is clear from the latest polling we are seeing that many americans are also concerned about security. the new fox news poll reveals 60% of those surveyed on security say measures at the border are not strict enough. while 32% say it's about right. that is an improvement over three years ago. meanwhile, the top committee republican on the senate judiciary committee say hammered security. >> we have a duty to protect the borders and the sovereignty of this country but i'm concerned that the bill we are discussing repeats the mistakes of the past and won't secure the border and stop the flow of illegal migration meanwhile the new fox news poll reveals 78% of those surveyed favor a path to citizenship for illegals if they meet requirements, which is a component of the bipartisan senate plan. that is up six points fr
with the president in denver and has reaction from the obama administration . we begin with mike emanuel on the latest north korea threat. >> good evening, north korea ratified attack plans with the united states and involving a diversified nuclear strike and latest example of heated rhetoric that could easily escalate. defense secretary chug hagel is taking pyongyang seriously. >> as they have ratcheted up the beliicose dangerous rhetoric and the actions they have taken over the last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to the interest certainly of our allice starting with south korea. >> hagel told the military audience that the u.s. is trying to defuse thuation with china and others . the pentagon is dealing with spending cuts starting this year. >> the sequester cut because it falls heavily on operations. it is already having a disruptive and potentially damaging impact on the force. >> it could affect moral and impact productivity and the defense is addressing the cuts, hagel said it is just the beginning. >> fiscal realities demand another hard look at personnel . h
and others down a slippery constitutional slopement mike emanuel on today's big first step. >> hard work starts now. >> senate majority harry reid recognizes it is far from over. 16 republicans joined with democrats to go forward. leading the charge was a senate republican leader. >> this will punish and harass our neighbors and friends and families and so to protect the rights of the law abiding citizen of kentucky i will impose cloture. >> and another top democrat said it is a struggle to get the 60 votes. >> the ira will try to throw all kinds ofs - amendments at us. >> the first one is backed up by pat toomey and joe manchin. it would expand background checks on gun shows and internet sales. >> the measure to make it harder for violent crim nams and to get guns. that is common sense. >> the gun group came out against the amendment. lawmakers are facing pressure from family members of those killed in newtown connecticut and other relatives pushing for a new assault weapon's bands. >> they ripped through someone's body and they leave baseball size holes in somebody's skin and this is n
fox news correspondent mike emanuel has the report. >> there response was swift swift, effective and in many ways serve as a model for the future. >> and assessment of the terror attack is a key component of comprehensive immigration reform saying they exploited the immigration system to carry out terror activities it is important to these discussions. kentucky senator raymond paul made in a letter to harry reid. >> you cannot save area to pass immigration reform but don't do anything to make sure it is more secure from people who may use immigration to attack us. >> kerry reed responded to a comment tear senator rand paul, let's pass immigration reform because it lets us perform background checks on those here unlawfully. but 70 percent of those surveyed favor a path to citizenship if they requirments which has jumped six points since february. all the gang of 8 provides a path that is not strong enough on security. >> we have to protect the borders of the sovereignty of this country but i am concerned this build repeats mistake of the past and will not stop the flow of illegal
positive for a dangerous poison. word this morning of a possible person of interest. mike emanuel is live for us on capitol hill. so, mike, what is the latest. >> reporter: good morning. a senior capitol hill source says there are other suspicious letters, possibly sent by the same person, to other government officials, and that source says at least one letter was addressed to the white house. as for the letters sent to senator roger wicker from mississippi it has tested positive in three field tests. sources tell fox news that preliminary tests even at the accredited lab in maryland continue to say positive for ricin. that is significant because there can be false positives in the field. it takes 24 hours to grow a good culture in the lab and get a final conclusive result. the letter sent to senator wicker has continued to test positive for ricin. there is a person of interest and authorities say they have a good idea where that person is located. we are told the individual is a frequent letter writer to lawmakers and though there was no return address on the package it fit with other ma
in a single day. mike emanuel is live from the russell rotunda with more. mike, what is the latest on all this? >> reporter: jenna the house is actively discussing a measure that would allow flexibility for the faa to absorb automatic cuts and make sure air traffic controllers are not on furloughs. supporters of this fix, of this repair of this problem say this was an avoidable manageable problem and in the end they had to solve it. >> that's what essentially runs the air traffic system in it country and so there's a lot of public health and safety considerations. there are obviously productivity and economic considerations. you've got people sitting on the tarmac for hours at a time, missing flights, it really affects the productivity of country. reasons why we need to fix this. >> reporter: the house and senate are expected to pass it and then in theory we should have fewer flight delays. house democratic whip steny hoyer stood up a few minutes ago he opposed measure he highlight ad lot of other programs suffered cuts, head start, law enforcement, defense. he says this measure does not addre
's office says someone bugged their meeting. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel from capitol hill. >> yes, the campaign manager is accusing the left of using watergate-style tactics to bug his headquarters. senator mcconnell up for reelection in 2014. it's no secret that democrats would love to defeat him. i'm told the senator republican campaign is working with the fbi in louisville about the-- talking to them about these recordings. mcconnell campaign manager says quote, obviously, a recording device of some kind was placed in senator mcconnell's campaign office without consent. by whom and how that was accomplished presumably will be result after criminal investigation. at the time of the recording, actress ashley judd was considering challenging mcconnell so there's questions of her ties to tennessee and votes at the 2012 convention. and preparing to take on judd's position suggesting she's anti-coal, her position on climate change and favoring cap and trade. they also play a recording of judd saying san francisco is her american city home. now, the audio is low, here is
congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live in washington with more. so far this morning what is the tone, the discussion about immigration reform and where it is boeing this week? >> reporter: well, jenna a lot of this hearing has been about immigration reform as it relates to the agricultural sector. i should tell you senator graham told us a few moments ago having 11 million people roaming in the shadowsnational . let's look at hearing in front of the senate judiciary committee. earlier the committee chairman made reference to immigration reform following the boston attack. >> let no one be so cruel as to try to use a heinous acts of these two young men last week to derail the dreams and futures of millions of hard-working people. the bill before us would serve to strengthen our national security by allowing us to focus our border security and enforcement efforts against those who do us harm. >> reporter: farmworkers are told ag workers are ambitious doing jobs many americans don't want to do and a solid immigration bill will solve a lot of issues in that sector, jenna. jenna: what abo
says he is hopeful an immigration bill could be on the senate floor in may. >> mike emanuel. i don't know who ordered the rain up. and the dropping temperatures. >>> police say a driver did a whole lot of damage when he slammed his car into a wal-mart but witnesses say his rampage did not threatened. details next. we'll show you how to donate to rebuilding efforts right here in seaside heights. up and down the near coast, those in need, as studio b continues after this. music ... music ... music... >> shepard: i guess they can roll back prices but not this. shopper scrambled for safety after a man rolled his car into a wal-mart and began attacking stunned customers. seriously. happened yesterday in a wal-mart in san jose. you can see the car inside the store. just drove right on in. police say he kept going until he hit a beer display. got out and started beating onlook inter -- onlooker with a blunt object. some people were hurt, seriously. the driver faces several charges including hit-and-run and assault with a deadly weapon. cops still don't know why he tide it. >>> here along
is close to a reality. mike emanuel tells us where we are right now. >> with much of washington buzzing about a possible immigration reform deal marco rubio said sunday that's premature. another leading republican suggested he is taking a wait and see approach. >> we have got 8 senators working on it they have agreed to four talking points and they have to take those talking points to complex legislation. >> with labor and groups reached agreement on guest worker program for low skilled immigrants. a democrat sounded eager sunday to declare vic trinchts every major policy issue has been resolved on the gang of 8. now everyone -- we have all agreed that we're not going to come to it a final agreement until we see draft legislative language and we agree on that. >> for many republicans, is there is one critical phone component to getting this done. >> border security. eight guys in the room saying border is is not going to be secured is not enough. 27 years they have not secured the border. if that can be done you will find strong support. >> pressing janet napolitano to come up with a mi
congressional correspondent mike emanuel has details. >> three and a half months after the newtown connecticut tragedy, the nra, the nation's largest gun organization offered its recommendations to protect american schools. the 225 page study includes having schools train and arm at least one staff member. >> the specific finding and recommendation is that the presence of an armed security or personnel in a schooled as a layer of security and diminishes response time that is beneficial to the overall security. >> at the nra event was the father of a 6-year-old sandy hook elementary victim who made this appeal. >> i'm putting it on you. i'm putting it on the experts out there to do something with these recommendations to implement solutions so people don't have to go through what i'm going through. >> the fox news poll reveals support for putting armed guards in schools has dropped 9 points since january is now 51% to 45% in favor. poll shows support including universal background checks which has dropped 6 points. on capitol hill lawmakers are struggling to find common ground for legislative p
as early as this week but our own colleague mike emanuel learning tonight that's being pushed back until next month. bret? >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. ed, thank you. stocks continued their upward climb today. the dow gained 60 to finish another new record close. the s&p 500 was up 5.5. the nasdaq gained 16. at least 14 people were wounded in stabbings at a texas community college today. at least two are reported in critical condition tonight. authorities have one suspect in custody. it happened at the lone star community college system's campus in cypress near houston. ♪ >> bret: 37 million americans owe a total of almost $1 trillion in student loan debt. that's an increase of 70% in the last 8 years. tonight, correspondent molly henneberg looks at being young and broke in america. >> college loans don't go away on graduation day. they hang on. sometimes for years and decades. >> they are definitely a huge chunk of my salary right now. >> i was accepted into law school but i decided not to go because i didn't want to accumulate additional debt. >> basically my loan paymen
correspondent mike emanuel. >> the boston attack had a impact on capitol hill. it was clear early on this was not a day for bickering. >> we are united simply for the victims of this senseless attack. >> today, the thoughts of every measure are with the people of boston. >> relevant committee focused shifting to briefing from counter terrorism and law enforcement officials a news conference with former congresswoman gabriel giffords designed to boost support for gun control was cancelled. the gang of 8 immigration reform plan was scrapped out of respect for boston victims. the gang did release an outline of the plan. on security, it would include up to $7 billion in new fencing, border guards, and drones. and it would demand that the government monitor 100% of the border and capture 90% of those trying to enter illegally. florida republican marco rubio is members of the group. >> this is not about making a process that's hard on people for the sake of being hard on them. we need to stand the problem here. the problem is it can't be cheaper, easier and faster to come illegally than
and penalties here. >> wow. does it matter because this was report through mike emanuel -- it was low-grade ricin in does it matter which level it was? whether it could have killed or could not have killed? >> it would because the defense would argue, in indication to the intent to kill you have to have the ability to commit murder. but if intent to kill is proven and he used a dangerous instrumentality, then he could be found guilty of something like attempted murder. and as john pointed out, a companying the ricin allegedly were the words, maybe i have your attention now, even if that means someone must die. so die is part of the proof here. >> you heard that last question about his mental state. what about a mental illness defense in a case like this? >> online posts indicate he thought he had uncovered this grand conspiracy and that the government was targeting him. sounds like paranoia or paranoid schizophrenia. the judge will certainly have him evaluated by experts to determine, one, whether he is competent to stand trial. number two if he is, what about insanity. the defense co
from russia. but that has not kept them out of the immigration debate. mike emanuel is on capitol hill for us tonight. could the immigration bill show more of this bipartisan split or the gang of 8 getting to be in trouble? what do we know from this? >> shep, there has to be concern for those who have been working in these bipartisan groups in both the senate and the house trying to tackle this huge issue of immigration reform. and so today, senator rand paul, republican of kentucky sent a letter to senate majority leader harry reid saying that the senate should hold off on immigration reform until this boston terror attack investigation is complete. at the white house, here is the press secretary's take. we agree with those co-authors of the legislation in the senate who have made the point in recent days that enhancing our security is one of the reasons why we should press forward with comprehensive immigration reform. >> the effort continues in both the senate and the house. but it has been a heavy lift. it's failed before. and that explains some the emotion here for those who have
that is immigration reform. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has the latest from capitol hill. >> the response was swift, effective and in many ways will serve as a model for the future. >> assessment of the boston terror attack has become key component of immigration reform. boston suspects exploit the nation's immigration nation to carry out their terror activities it is important to these discussions. a point ten kentucky senator rand paul made in a letter to majority leader reid on monday. >> it's a wrong signal to say hurry up and let's pass comprehensive immigration reform but not do anything to make sure the country is more secure from people who might attack us. >> reid responded to paul today writing on twitter quote during senator rand paul let's pass immigration reform because it lets us pass background checks on those here unlawfully. fox news poll 7% of those surveyed favor a path to citizenship if the illegal immigrants meet requirements which has jumped six points since february. some republicans say while the senate gang of 8 measure provides a path, it isn't s
should let the faa move around some money and get the air control system back up to full strength. mike emanuel with the news live on capitol hill. any plans for more fictions? >> democrats here on capitol hill and the white house are calling this measure a band-aid that doesn't address the broader automatic spending cuts. you can expect they'll push for more solutions like this one, addressing air travel. >> you could have thrown in members of congress who need flights home also. but the fact is the delays are -- are a problem for not just business travelers and members of congress, but for many americans, and that's a real negative consequence. reporter: arizona republican senator john mccain would also like a fix for defense saying, quote, it is shameful for us to make allowances for the faa while doing nothing to stop the draconian cuts decimating our military today and putting our nation's security in danger. so they are leaving town on a week's recess, lawmakers, but you can expect this will be a hot topic when they return in a week. >> greg: aren't some republicans say, the faa a
as possible between himself and sequester cuts. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us what the president said and the swift republican response. >> it slowed our growth. resulting in people being thrown out of work. and it's hurting folks all across the country. >> president obama says his warnings about sequestration are coming true and blamed congress. today a spokesman for house speaker john boehner responded, quote: the american people are still asking where are the jobs and the president still has no solutions for them. the president had a lot more excuses than answers today. over the weekend, a key house lawmaker noted his colleagues tried to do more to address the cuts. >> sequestration is bad policy, the wrong way to reduce the deficit. that's why house republicans have voted twice to replace these automatic cuts with smarter once. >> even though congress passed a fix late last week to allow the transportation secretary to move money around to avoid furloughs and reduce flight delays, the president did not sound happy. >> the fact that congress responded to the sho
stores that already have to charge a tax. mike emanuel in capitol hill. mike? >> the bill passed a procedural vote in the senate late today. this is the new reality as more and more americans are not supporting mom and pop in part because they are getting better savings from online and so the reality is for those buying on the internet at this point. the internet merchants are not required to charge sales tax unless they have a physical presence in that state. meaning a store or distribution center. that's a big advantage over mom and pop stores that have to lease space and also hire local employees. here is a sample of some of the back and forth in the senate, including the argument that state and local governments could use the cash. >> this is the money they use to provide basic services. for the people that live in the communities around these local stores. >> we're talking about a bill that would impose new costs on businesses throughout the country. costs that will most certainly impact the ability of these companies to grow and expand. >> also tonight, the senate is workin
from washington to new york city by train. mike emanuel with the news on capitol hill. what happened at this hearing? >> well, shep, there were a few fireworks. $637 million in cuts to federal aviation were expected. some lawmakers complained that the faa did not say how all of this would be implemented until last week. >> we have been talking about reduction in available controller hours of 10 pierce for months. >> you didn't tell them which airports, which airlines? >> we told them that they should expect significant impacts at major hub facilities. >> well, lat at this da. everyone new that. >> now w. now the f.a.a. saying more than 125,000 flight delays yesterday alone were attributed to staff reductions due to furloughs, lawmakers are likely feeling pressure from unhappy constituents. among the suggestions today, targeting the furloughs to less busy airports but the f.a.a. says it cannot pick winners and losers, it's also been suggested it could cut less important parts of the agency's budget which the white house says is not correct. >> the law does not allow for the kind of fl
children are majority of the people that benefit from the program. chief correspondent mike emanuel is live in washington. mike, some of our viewers might need to hear more about the ipad. using food stamps for ipads? that's happening? >> reporter: would qualify, waste fraud and abuse. supporters of this plan say that, you know, over the next decade the supplemental nutrition assistance program, or snap, is projected to cost taxpayers 760 dow billion. senator john unthune and congressman marlon stutzman from indiana are proposing a plan that would save $30 billion over 10 years cutting waste, fraud and abuse and eliminating loopholes. the food stamp program has exploded in costs on number of people getting benefits. senator thune wants to make sure needy families get assistance while reducing waste in the assistance. >> we want to make sure the program is run in a efficient way. what we've seen over last several years since president obama has been in office, the number of people on food stamps has grown 16 million people. one in seven americans is on food stamps and the cost of the program
that will make our kids safer. >> megyn: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel joins us with more, mike? >> reporter: hi, megyn, the n.r.a. put out a 225-page study at an estimated price tag at 1 million dollars. and why they believe training and arming a staff member at a school makes sense. >> the specific finding a recommendation is that the presence of an armed security personnel in a school adds a layer of security and diminishes response time that is beneficial to the overall security. so, the answer is yes, it is a plus, but we also recognize th that, one, the decision is locally made. >> reporter: at that event was a father from one of the sandy hook school. and putting it aside. >> i'm putting it on you and the experts out there to do something with these to implement solutions so people don't have to go through what i'm going through. >> reporter: as time goes by. the latest fox news polling says support for some have slipped. >> mental background checks have dropped since january and n.r.a. proposals, armed guards in schools, down 9 points. and as lawmakers try to find supp
trafficked areas of the southwest border. bill: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is tracking this live on the hill. mike, good morning to you. what has been her message so far? >> reporter: well, bill, secretary napolitano opened a bit talking about the boston attack a little over a week ago and she said that homeland security is committed to working with its partners to figure out what happened, exactly what steps can be taken to improve security and we'll draw lessons learned from the incident. she has spoken in favor of this legislation. the bipartisan gang of eight immigration reform plan. she says it will improve security. it will improve the legal immigration system and now you mentioned that the top republican on the committee, senator chuck grassley, who has been pretty tough about this immigration reform legislation, he is starting to question her now. we expect if there will be fireworks, somebody like grassley will be the person who will get into it with secretary napolitano, bill. bill: you heard a lot of rumblings over the past several days suggesting the boston
the brakes on the bill. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live from capitol hill wherefireworks are common, especially with a lot of these hearings, mike. what are we learning from the secretary today? >> reporter: well, jenna, secretary napolitano told senators that the department of homeland security will take lessons learned from the attack in boston, and that federal agencies will emerge even stronger, but earlier she reflected on the attack in boston. >> in this case law enforcement at all levels joined together and shared knowledge, expertise and resources. many had been specifically trained in improvised explosive device threats, and many had exercised for in this very type of scenario. the response was swift, effective and in many ways will serve as a model for the future. >> reporter: now, this attack in boston has caused some lawmakers on capitol hill to the say they want to wait for lessons learned from the boston investigation to see if some of that should be coordinated in comprehensive immigration reform. there's a lot of anxiety about this. this is
and clout. gregg. gregg: mike emanuel in washington. thanks. jenna: an airline creating controversy over how it charges passengers. it signs a little bit like the pricing formula used at your supermarket and some are not so thrilled with the weigh more pay more policy. more on that after the break. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. a luxury sky scraper hotel in chechnya. there you see it every single floor, according to miss on the scene and firefighters is engulfed in flames. they say everybody got out, they say there were about 300 people inside and they got out. among the apartments there french film star and tax exile gerard depardeaux, but he is not there in the country at the time. jenna: an airline is getting heat over a new pricing policy. rick has the pricing policy and why it's so controversial, rick. >> reporter: ment more you weigh the more you pay, and that is not samoa air's official slogan but it might as well be, it'
are crossing the united states-mexico border and getting away witness. mike emanuel is live from our washington bureau with more. homeland security secretary janet napolitano visited the border yesterday. what was her message? >> reporter: she was due to visit the tucson area today, so her tour continues looking at the situation on the border. she is making the case for common-sense immigration reform and is talking about the obama administration's efforts to secure the nation's borders. here ace sample of her message in texas. >> i can tell you that having worked that border for 20 years it is nor secure now than it has ever been. illegal apprehensions are at 40-year lows. drug seizures are at highs. crime rates in border cities are at historic lows as well. so by all the different measures one looks at along a border they are all trending in the right direction. >> reporter: there is some dispute about that among the immigration reform discussions is coming up with a proper measurement for how the u.s. is doing securing the border. the question is if apprehensions are down are authorities mis
at this moment. mike emanuel on capitol hill with the latest. >> hi, megyn, yeah, it's important to note that the two suspicious letters tested for ricin did not get anywhere close to the white house or the capital complex. they were screened at off-site facilities so the tests continue and law enforcement sources say they have a person of interest. at the white house, spokesman jay carney says that president obama has been briefed twice on the suspicious letters and offered this update a short time ago. >> the fbi has the lead for determining whether a suspicious powder is a dangerous substance such as ricin and those take place at accredited facilities and take a certain amount of time as the fbi has indicated. you know, these procedures are in place and they're in effect and in operation now and we're in the midst of that process that the fbi is undertaking at this time. >> there's also today security activity here on capitol hill. officials not taking any chances in light of recent activity, both here and also in boston, and a suspicious package was delivered to the office of alabama
and forced furloughs of air traffic controllers. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is watching this play out in washington for us this morning. what is the tone in there today. >> reporter: lawmakers are clearly irritated because faa furloughs are causing massive travel headaches. they blasted the faa administrators for not warning people about the cuts to the faa and the impact on air travel. they are blaming the faa for not coming up with a real solution while democrats are blaming colleagues in congress for not finding their way out of the cuts. a senator republican leader ripped senator harry reid for using a budgetary gimmick for getting out of this mess. >> the majority leader is ditching the president on this issue. the president has said he would only consider replacing the sequester with attacks hike. whatever you want to say about oko it's not attacks hike it's borrowed money. >> reporter: overseas contingency operations. that is using money not spent on the war to try to offset the cuts. other republicans have called this a manufactured crisis mismanaged from the out
for carrying knives on board planes. mike emanuel live in washington for us now. this house hearing so far, describe the tone and focus for us. >> reporter: the fa, a is required to cut $637 million, that has an impact on the almost 13,000 air traffic controllers. a number of lawmakers say the faa's move to furlough air traffic colors raises serious questions about about safety and operational issues. and one of of the leading committee republicans sounds irritating. >> there are all sorts of ideas floating around, and yet the administration refuses to come to the table and talk about it. instead, they simply start shutting down airports, if you will, closing towers, and now furloughing airline controllers, airport controllers. >> reporter: lawmakers representing some of the big travel hubs such as chicago's o'hare, dfw and atlanta have a question whether there was a way to make sure the huge airports affecting much of the country were not impacted, jon. jon: what is the faa administrator saying in defense of what he and his agency have done here? >> reporter: administrator michael juerta
emanuel joins us from capitol hill. mike, we understand that things are moving there. what's next ahead of this vote? >> reporter: well, martha, right now the two connecticut senators, chris murphy and senator presumen that would are exprerlting support for this bipartisan measure between joe manchin and pat toomey, democrat and republican, on expanded background checks. both murphy and blumenthal from connecticut are calling on their colleagues to remember the victims of the newtown school shooting december 14th. those behind this measure are saying they believe it makes sense, and they're talking about the impact of hearing from those newtown families. >> there's no fantasy in here, and i share joe's experience separately. meeting with the families, i was amazed at their strength. and they understand there is no panacea. but a measure that helps to make it harder for violent criminals and the dangerously mentally ill to get guns, i think that's just common sense. >> reporter: now, moments ago senate republican leader mitch mcconnell called this measure an overreach that will punish ne
not setting expectations very high, are they? chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel's live in washington with more on this. mike, what's the latest when it comes to immigration reform? >> reporter: it's thought this is a critical week with congress returning after a two week recess. staff members of the so-called gang of eight in the senate have been busy transforming an agreement on principles into actual legislative language. there was some hope a bill talk about introduced to members of the senate judiciary committee this week. timing of moving forward is not as precise. >> we're hoping to get this thing done in the next couple of weeks. it's the guest worker program. high-skill and low-skill labor. how can you access it in an affordable fashion when you can't find an american worker? >> i spoke to lindsey graham. we certainly have a deal between business and labor, they've each issued statements, they're with it. are there a few little kerfuffles, a few little issues we have to go through as we actually draft the legislation? yes. but we have drafted most of the bill al
. we are live. we'll send it over to chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live in washington. >> reporter: good morning. officials with the nra are unveiling their school safety plea postals this hour. that is expected to include placing armed guards in america's classrooms. with a national debate underway in preventing gun violence the nra is proposing training armed guards to protect school campuses. the senate is expected to take up a gun control bill that would expand background checks. also today the top democrat on the house oversight committee talked about his legislation to fight gun trafficking and address violence. >> this common-sense legislation will for the first time explicitly prohibit firearm trafficking and it will make straw purring a serious crime by increasing the maximum penalty to 20 years in prison. >> reporter: tomorrow president obama will visit a police academy in the denver area and will try to drum up support for improving the background check system. white house aides say the hope is keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and others who should
in this debate. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel back in action on capitol hill. what is the early reaction as folks are just coming back through the hauls there, what is -- halls there what is the reaction to the president's plan? >> reporter: folks on the left are not happy because it would tweak the way social security ben teuts are calculate -- benefits are calculated in terms of determining inflation. that is something folks on the left are promising to fight. on the other side there are conservatives who are not happy witness, they don't like the idea of increasing taxes. i interviewed a key member of the house budget committee on live and here is his take. >> the president is using some very careful word, he says he's going to put a pw-ld approach. he continues -- balanced approach. he continues to hammer over and over again. it's got to be balanced. what i means by that is some reduction in spending, some tax increases but it never, ever bams. >> reporter: still many here on both side are looking forward to reading awful the fine print when the president's budge
been kept away from the people that they were addressed to, jenna. heather: mike emanuel live on capitol hill. thank you. jon: let's talk now with texas congressman michael mccaul, he is chairman of the homeland security committee and has received several briefings on what happened in the boston marathon attacks. these have been informal briefings as we understand it, congressman, and certainly we are not asking you to divulge any information that is going to hurt the investigation, but how confident are you that the fbi, that local authorities are on a track toward apprehending whoever is responsible? >> let me say first that the tragic death of 8-year-old martin probably one of the most devastating things of this whole terrorist attack. with respect to the fbi, i got briefed by the national counterterrorism center. they are very much on top of this. they are putting all the resources into this case. the pressure cooker bomb that they've been talking about is being evaluated for forensics at quantity quantico lab as we speak. i think we will get a lot of answers, a lot of clu
coming up today at 9 till noon. great guests, mike emanuel, how do you say it? steve doocy. dr. keith ablow, more of a personal visit. >>gretchen: president obama claims his budget is a balanced approach to cut spending, but with across-the-board tax hikes and fees exceeding $1 trillion, many on the other side are disagreeing. here to weigh in is stuart varney. you don't get distracted do you? >> certainly not during a promo of brian's radio show. this budget is fantasy. i hate to be too harsh, but lets get real here, shall we? this budget does not -- repeat -- does not cut the debt; okay? it does not cut spending. it does not. it taxes the rich some more and pretends that the rich by being taxed more can pay for all of these -- >>brian: he already cut $1.2 trillion out of the budget. he said that in his speech yesterday in the rose garden. >> what he's done is to propose a cut in the rate of increase in spending. a cut in the rate of increase in the debt. right now total debt $16.8 trillion. at the end of the obama second term $20 trillion. that's not a cut. it's a gain. >>steve: tha
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